In the past year, 147,227 people benefited from our services. 73% of these people live below the poverty line. ($23,550 for a family of four.)

  • 104,205 meals were served to homeless people.
  • 26,009 calls were made to the Homeless Hotline seeking emergency shelter.
  • 34,710 seniors were housed, fed, counseled, or received some other services.
  • 16,275 children served directly through foster care, residential placements, day care, after school and summer programs.
  • 30,668 instances of basic needs assistance services i.e. clothing, prescriptions, and other vital services.
  • 1,570 people received legal assistance.
  • 2,313 adults received assistance with job searches or training.
  • 205 refugees were re-settled.

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Saint Louis is one of the largest private providers of social services in the state of Missouri. Organized as a federation, Catholic Charities is comprised of 8 agencies offering more than 100 programs to benefit, on average, approximately 147,000 poor and impoverished people annually.

Catholic Charities agencies and 6,637 volunteers are dedicated to serving countless children, women, and men who do not have enough food to eat; who are deprived of adequate education, housing, or employment; who suffer the trauma of abuse or neglect. In recent years, we have expanded services to serve children and adults in Jefferson, St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren, Ste. Genevieve, Washington, and Perry Counties in Missouri.

Catholic Charities serves a wide range of disadvantaged populations: dependent, abused and neglected children; unemployed or homeless adults; parents and children requiring family counseling; people struggling as the result of drug abuse or alcoholism; senior citizens with special needs; economically disadvantaged people; and many more. Rev. 09/20/2013

Catholic Charities of Missouri