Gives people who are impoverished a voice in the judicial system

Catholic Legal Assistance Ministry (CLAM) offers representation for families who do not have the means to afford an attorney. CLAM focuses on helping families in need. CLAM handles many cases involving paternity, orders of protection, guardianship, and abuse. CLAM also offers services for immigrant populations who face challenges in filing governmental documents.

Programs and Services:

Civil/Family Law

  • Protects women who are victims of abuse
  • Assures children have guardians when parents lose custody or when the parent has passed away
  • Mediates family conflicts

Immigration Law

  • Guides immigrants in applying for citizenship
  • Resolves visa and ID issues
  • Keeps families together by averting deportations
  • Establishes guardianship for children who migrate to the United States without their parents

Veterans Advocacy Project

  • Stabilizes veterans suffering from stress, disabilities, family problems and homelessness
  • Removes barriers to getting VA benefits
  • Helps veterans gain employment

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