Since 1912, Catholic Charities has been at the heart of providing the most basic human needs to the least fortunate in this community and beyond. In these especially difficult economic times, the services provided by Catholic Charities are more critical to the lives of the people you serve than at any point in recent history. For many, Catholic Charities is the answer to their prayers. Catholic Charities and those who support its work are the embodiment of Christ to the needy.

Without the support of our friends, our shared mission of providing for those in greatest need would never realize its full potential. Your commitment to caring for the poor, the most vulnerable in our community, makes so much of what we do possible.

Inspired by a century of service, we look forward to another one hundred years of serving those in greatest need and we are grateful to all those who partner with us in our mission.

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In his first encyclical, “God Is Love,” Pope Benedict XVI stated that the Church’s deepest nature is expressed in its responsibility to do three things—proclaim the Word of God, celebrate the Sacraments, and carry out the ministry of charity. That last point reflects Christ’s call to each of us to love our neighbor. It’s not as if the Church could leave this social welfare activity to someone else. It’s what the Church is. It’s her very nature. It is who we are as members of the Church, personified in the Parable of the Good Samaritan.




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