Introducing Pathways to Progress

Oct 2015

 A new initiative aimed at empowering families in the  northern region of St. Louis.

With over 100 years of service to the greater St. Louis community, Catholic Charities is known for making lasting change in the lives of many. Catholic Charities will launch a new initiative aimed at reducing poverty in north St. Louis County, one family at a time. Pathways to Progress is a collaboration between Catholic Charities, the eight federated agencies, leaders in the community, committed organizations and the many families that will “walk the path” out of poverty.

These families will not walk alone. At every step of their journey, clients will be partnered with highly trained, culturally-competent advisors, who will assist them with the services provided by the Catholic Charities Federation and additional community resources. Through this initiative, clients will develop skills, build assets, and access vital services. On each step of their journey, clients will work toward education, employment, health, housing, and community involvement goals. With each pathway completed, we build a stronger, safer, healthier, thriving community.

To empower communities, we must support families. Priority for enrollment in Pathways to Progress will be given to families already participating in youth programs throughout the Federation. Through this unique referral system, it is expected that parents will be engaged in intensive case management, just as their children are participating in empowering educational programming. We know that parent stability is critical for children to flourish.

Our compass: let the community be our guide. A Community Advisory Council made up of representatives from the faith, academic, government, healthcare and corporate sector will help oversee the direction of the initiative and maintain a strong line of communication between Catholic Charities and the community. Graduates of Pathways to Progress are invited to join the Advisory Council or participate in an alumni network that will allow them to remain active in the community initiative. The most important voice in transforming any community is the collective voice of those who live within it. As our graduates share their stories of success with others, inspiration will become a call to action.

We invite you to learn more by contacting our Director of Service Integration, Tyrone Ford at 314-367-5500 x1151 or