New Chapel Opens at St. Patrick Center

St. Patrick Center, our agency focused on empowering those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, sent us this good news:

St. Patrick Center has added a beautiful new chapel. Just off the Welcome Center, the chapel offers clients and staff an opportunity to take a break and find respite.

In an effort spearheaded by former board president Mike Heck, we raised $50,000 in private donations. The Gatesworth, Mike Doyle (Board of Directors) and Chris Leonard (Board of Trustees) were the lead volunteers, with Leonard serving as Project Manager.

CEO Laurie Phillips said when she met Mike four years ago, the first thing he said was, “You need to build a chapel.” Heck and his family recently visited the new space and Mike says he immediately felt peaceful. “I thought, if I were homeless, what would I need? Some sense of peace, security and safety. It’s there in that chapel,” he said.

Like our clients who get a second chance at life, parts of the chapel are finding a second home at St. Patrick Center. We found the crucifix, altar and doors for the chapel in the Archdiocese’s Reclamation Center.

The new chapel will allow clients and staff to care for their spiritual health, as they also manage physical and mental health. Future chapel events will include Masses, rosaries and prayer services, as well as an official blessing by a bishop.