Each month, two Catholic Charities of St. Louis Federation employees nominated by their peers are recognized for exemplifying Personal Excellence, a Spirit of Servant Leadership, and the Catholic Charities Mission. The honorees for June 2019 are…

St. Patrick Center Grant Writer Jennifer Slosar

In the office, Jenifer is a team player who dedicates herself to St. Patrick Center’s goal of providing opportunities for stability to those who are experiencing homelessness or at risk. Coworkers admire both her work ethic and her ability to unify the staff.
Her altruism and commitment to SPC does not stop when she is off the clock. Recently while on a lunch break in the park, a gentleman struck up a conversation with Jennifer. He told her that he was a former SPC client and how pleased he was with their services. Jennifer kindly bought the gentleman lunch. Her nominator remarked, “She is an inspiration to me and I will try to emulate her generosity.”

Good Shepherd Children & Family Services Development Assistant Julie Rudden

Julie is genuinely devoted to Good Shepherd Children & Family Services’ mission to connect children with families and keep families connected. She fosters a culture of engagement and is always eager to collaborate. The effort and attention to detail Julie invests into her work inspires her colleagues to do the same.
Julie has a personal touch. She makes an effort to know the staff as well as the families they serve. Aided by this understanding, she advocates for the needs of the moms and the foster/adoptive families.
A nominator noted what a pleasure it is to work alongside someone who radiates radical hospitality, “She lovingly serves and does way more than her job description, and she does it with grace and with no complaint. She brings joy to whoever she speaks to.”