August Appeal Letter from our President, Theresa Ruzicka

Catholic Charities helps people when they are most vulnerable and in need. It is what we are called to do and what we have been doing – with help from generous supporters – for more than 100 years.

Together with our family of eight agencies we assist more than 100,000 people each year.

The economic devastation caused by COVID-19 has brought even more people to our door, including many who until now have never needed to ask for financial help. To address this great need, we launched a COVID Relief Call Center to provide food, rent, utility, or other direct assistance to people experiencing dire pandemic-related hardship.

A snapshot of our COVID-19 relief efforts can be viewed here. But I would also like share a few stories from people who have been helped, thanks in great part to the generosity of our donors.

  • Bill, 74, was laid off from his part time job.  Social security covered his rent and food, but he soon fell behind on utility payments. We were there for Bill.
  • When Jane’s roommate died unexpectedly, she was left to grieve and to worry how she would pay the rent and utilities alone.  Days after burying her friend, Jane was laid off. While waiting to be called back to work, she asked us for help. We were there for Jane.
  • James and Sandra never could have imagined losing BOTH their jobs due to a pandemic. After the parents of two paid their car loan, mortgage, and utility bills, they struggled with remaining expenses.  We were there for James, Sandra, and their children. 

A gift to our Annual Fund will help us continue this pandemic relief as well as our ongoing work, bringing help and hope to children who have suffered trauma, abuse and neglect; seniors no longer able to care for themselves; people suffering from mental illness; families recovering from disasters, and many others.

Understanding that this appeal comes at a time when some our supporters, too, may be experiencing the impact of COVID-19, I humbly ask only for your prayerful consideration in making a gift that is both meaningful and practical for you.

Know that you are in my daily prayers as I ask Jesus to watch over all we serve, all who serve, and all who support our mission.

With sincere gratitude,

Theresa E. Ruzicka, CPA

President, Catholic Charities of St. Louis