Catholic Charities of St. Louis Supports Expansion of Tax Credit Programs

March 9, 2021 – Catholic Charities of St. Louis supports Missouri Senate Bill 155, which proposes “modification of provisions relating to tax credits for contributions to maternity homes, domestic abuse shelters, and rape crisis centers.” Missouri SB 155 was introduced by Senator Andrew Koenig (R-Manchester).

Three of our agencies – Good Shepherd Children & Family Services, Queen of Peace Center, and Saint Martha’s Hall – will greatly benefit from this tax credit expansion. We appreciate Senator Koenig and the other members of the Senate Economic Development Committee for supporting our work empowering and bringing hope to Missourians, especially women and their children.

Two of our agency leaders noted the importance of these tax credit programs:

Maternity home tax credits are instrumental in supporting our Maternity Shelter and Transitional Living Program.  Generous tax credit donors help fund basic needs support, as well as parenting coaching and other important life skills training for pregnant and parenting teens experiencing homelessness in the St. Louis Metro area. – Kathy Fowler, Executive Director of Good Shepherd Children & Family Services

The domestic violence tax credit program is a lifesaving incentive that benefits women and their families in both rural and urban areas. Missouri ranks 2nd in the nation of women being murdered by their intimate partners. Combatting that violence requires resources. Shelter services are expensive because they require 24-hour staff, access to basic needs, and legal referrals. Funding requires full community support; a tax credit program that incentives giving at any level is extremely beneficial. – Jessica Woolbright, Executive Director, Saint Martha’s Hall

As one of the largest providers of social services across the state, the Catholic Charities of St. Louis Federation is grateful to be able to offer these important tax credits to donors, as well as those available through the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) and Youth Opportunity Program (YOP).

NAP and YOP tax credits provide program funding for six of our eight agencies, programs that include: assisting unemployed clients with training and connection to jobs; supporting foster youth and teen parents in completing at least a high school education; helping senior adults live independently in their homes; and providing students access to mental health services in schools.

We look forward to continued partnership with the state of Missouri in supporting people who are working toward fulfilling lives free of poverty; we appreciate this current effort on behalf of pregnant mothers and victims of domestic and sexual violence.