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Catholic Charities of St. Louis prides itself on its ongoing partnership with our community. In 2018, our services impacted 103,517 lives. We seek to break the cycle of poverty, abuse and neglect, to empower people to make positive, permanent changes in their lives and support people to lead self-sufficient, dignified lives.


Who We Are

In response to the teachings of Jesus Christ, our mission is to serve people in need, especially those who are poor and vulnerable; work to improve social conditions for all people in the community; and to call members of the Church and community to do the same.

Catholic Charities of St. Louis has been helping people in need since 1912. Organized as a federation of eight agencies, Catholic Charities assists 103,517 people annually. Catholic Charities serves 11 counties in the St. Louis region.

Catholic Charities of St. Louis serves a wide range of people: children who are dependent, abused and neglected; adults who are homeless or at risk of homelessness; women who are abused; parents and children requiring family counseling; people struggling as the result of drug abuse or alcoholism; older adults with special needs; and many more. Our goal is clear. We seek to break the cycle of poverty, abuse and neglect, to empower people to make permanent changes in their lives and support people to lead self-sufficient, dignified lives.

What We Do

In the past year, 103,517 people benefited from our services. 76.3% of these people live below the poverty line. ($24,600 for a family of four.) Examples of services include:

  • 132,607 meals served to people who are homeless.
  • 5,221 older adults sheltered, fed and/or otherwise supported
  • 16,153 children served directly through foster care, counseling, after-school and other programs.
  • 1,532 people received legal assistance.
  • 436 adults received career guidance.

Catholic Charities organizations and 4,473 volunteers are dedicated to serving men, women and children who do not have enough to eat; who lack adequate education, housing, or employment; who suffer the trauma of abuse or neglect.

Board of Directors

Ex Officio Board Members

Theresa E. Ruzicka, CPA
President, Catholic Charities of St. Louis

Robert Bouché
Chief Financial Officer, Archdiocese of St. Louis


Joseph Holland II

Vice Chair
Scott Dolan

Edward Puzzella

Kathy Surratt-States


Malcolm Briggs
Halpin J. Burke
C. Delaney Damberg
Mark G. Dorsey, Sr.
Mark Dunn
John Ebeling
Thomas Gregory
Mary Elizabeth Grimes
Patricia Hughes
Lisa McAleenan
Gigi McKinzie
Matthew Nordmann
Alice M. Prince
Doug Rothermich
Rev. Scott L. Scheiderer
Mark Siedband
Phillandas T. Thompson
Timothy Thompson
Deborah Vogt
Wm. Randolph Weber
Mike Zychinski


For general inquiries, please call 314-367-5550
or email Office Receptionist Sally Kellogg. 

Office of the President

Theresa E. Ruzicka, CPA

Executive Assistant
Mary Brockgreitens

Advocacy & Community Engagement Office

Director of Advocacy and Community Engagement
Tamara Kenny, JD, MSW

Manager of Community Engagement
Erin Hopfinger

Development Office

Chief Development Officer
Brian Thouvenot

Marketing and Communications Manager
Lisa Shea

Donor Engagement Manager
Alisa Goessling

Donor Relations Coordinator
Aleisha Mulnix

Senior Development Associate
Amanda Dunnavant

Finance Office

Chief Financial Officer
Mark Vogt

Human Resources Office

Senior Director of Human Resources
Les Lexow

Mission Integration Office

Director of Mission Integration
Deacon Brian Selsor

Monsignor Jack Schuler

Quality Assurance Office

Chief Quality Officer
Gayle Shank, MBA

Assistant Director of Quality Improvement
Padraic McGrath, MPPA

Training Coordinator
Shelley Reuter

Service Integration Office

Director of Service Integration
Tyrone Ford, MSW, LCSW

Project Coordinator
Rachel McAllister