In the past year, 148,410 people benefited from our services. 68% of these people live below the poverty line. ($24,250 for a family of four.)

  • 99,000 meals were served to people who are homeless.
  • 13,364 calls were made to the Homeless Hotline seeking emergency shelter.
  • 25,292 older adults were housed, fed, counseled, or received some other services.
  • 17,256 children served directly through foster care, residential placements, day care, after school and summer programs.
  • 37,785 instances of basic needs assistance services i.e. clothing, prescriptions, and other vital services.
  • 1,952 people received legal assistance.
  • 1,951 adults received assistance with job searches or training.
  • 133 refugees were re-settled.

Catholic Charities organizations and 5,390volunteers are dedicated to serving men, women and children who do not have enough to eat; who lack adequate education, housing, or employment; who suffer the trauma of abuse or neglect. We have expanded services to help people in Jefferson, St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren, Ste. Genevieve, Washington, and Perry Counties in Missouri.