In 2022, more than 96,000 people benefited from our services. 56.9% of these people live below the poverty line. ($26,500 for a family of four.)

  • 13,292 children were served directly through foster care, residential placements, counseling, after-school programs, and other services.
  • 667,829 meals were served to people who are poor and hungry.
  • 671 clients assisted with employment services including job preparation, job search, job training.
  • 24,963 individuals received interpretation or translation services
  • 5,798 older adults were housed, fed, counseled, or received some other services.
  • 903 veterans received legal, counseling, housing, and other supportive services.

Catholic Charities organizations and 900-plus volunteers are dedicated to serving men, women and children who do not have enough to eat; who lack adequate education, housing, or employment; who suffer the trauma of abuse or neglect.