For general inquiries, please call 314-367-5550
or email Office Receptionist Sally Kellogg. 

Office of the President

Theresa E. Ruzicka, CPA

Chief Operating Officer
Don Halpin

Executive Assistant
Mary Brockgreitens

Advocacy & Community Engagement Office

Director of Advocacy and Community Engagement
Tamara Kenny, JD, MSW

Development Office

Chief Development Officer
Brian Thouvenot

Marketing and Communications Manager
Lisa Shea

Donor Engagement Manager
Alisa Goessling

Donor Relations Coordinator
Aleisha Mulnix

Senior Development Associate
Amanda Dunnavant

Finance Office

Chief Financial Officer
Mark Vogt

Human Resources Office 

Senior Director of Human Resources
Les Lexow

Mission Integration Office

Director of Mission Integration
Deacon Brian Selsor

Monsignor Jack Schuler

Quality Assurance Office

Chief Quality Officer
Gayle Shank, MBA

Assistant Director of Quality Improvement
Padraic McGrath, MPPA

Training Coordinator
Shelley Reuter

Service Integration Office

Director of Service Integration
Tyrone Ford, MSW, LCSW

Project Coordinator
Rachel McAllister