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COVID-19 Stimulus bill adds new tax incentive for charitable contributions

On March 26, Forbes reported that a temporary charitable income tax deduction is included in the COVID-19 Stimulus Bill, which was passed yesterday by the Senate and has moved to the U.S. House. As reported, taxpayers who claim the standard deduction on their federal income tax return would also be able to deduct up to $300 of their charitable contributions from their income.

This is great news, as Catholic Charities and our eight agencies remain open and working even harder to safely minister to the rapidly growing number of people in need of help. Now more than ever, we need your support.  

The best and easiest way to help us during this time is with a monetary gift to the agency of your choice or, to benefit all eight agencies, to our Annual Fund or Emergency/Disaster Fund.

For individual agencies, please visit their websites for donation instructions. For Catholic Charities General Fund or Emergency/Disaster Fund, you can give online or by mail: Catholic Charities, P.O. Box 952393, St. Louis, MO. 63195-2393.

From the entire Catholic Charities family, thank you for your consideration. We will be praying for everyone’s health and well-being in the coming weeks.