Saint Lawrence Society

Oh, glorious Saint Lawrence, cheerful giver in the service of the poor, by your prayers, may we be purified by the cross of Christ, that we may die to ourselves to bear the fruits of true justice. This we ask through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

The Saint Lawrence Society recognizes major contributors in our longstanding Good Samaritan Guild, those whose annual gift to Catholic Charities is $10,000 or more, or who have pledged a $10,000 annual gift through participation in a graduated gift plan.

The Saint Lawrence Society Story

During his reign of Christian persecution, Roman Emperor Valerian ordered Archdeacon Lawrence to turn over the Church’s riches. Lawrence quickly distributed church property among the poor and then brought before Valerian the indigent, sick, and disabled, declaring that they were, indeed, the true treasures of the Church. For this defiance, Lawrence was sentenced to death. This sacrificial love for the poor makes Saint Lawrence a fitting namesake for this giving society.

It was, however, another Lawrence that first inspired the creation of this giving society. In 2017, Lawrence and Delores Beinecke donated their entire estate to Catholic Charities. We still marvel at their generosity and unconditional love for those in need, entrusting us with the fruits of their family’s labor — perhaps for generations — to help serve those that Saint Lawrence deemed the treasure of our Church.

In gratitude for their tremendous support, Saint Lawrence Society members receive invitations to special events throughout the year, a mix of social, spiritual, and educational opportunities to engage in our mission with other charitable-minded St. Louis area Catholics.

If you would like to learn more about supporting our mission through the Saint Lawrence Society or other Good Samaritan Guild levels, please reach out to Alisa Goessling at 314-256-5904 or