Parish Ambassadors

What is the CCSTL Parish Ambassadors Program?

We recognize the importance of engaging the Catholic community in our mission. When parishioners support our work, we are all united as the Body of Christ.

As the direct line of communication between CCSTL and their respective parishes, Ambassadors give witness to their own passion for our mission and invite fellow parishioners to join them in answering Christ’s call to Love our Neighbors. Parish Ambassadors commit to:

  • Learning more about CCSTL and its agencies by reviewing provided materials and attending ambassador meetings or events.
  • Coordinating the parish’s existing and future efforts to support CCSTL and its agencies.
  • Praying for the CCSTL mission and inviting others to do so.
  • Communicating CCSTL news to your parish regularly, including event, volunteer opportunity and program needs promotion.
  • Sharing their personal witness annually at a parish Mass or major ministry event.
  • Developing at least one unique opportunity for parishioners to support CCSTL, such a volunteer day or fundraiser.

We recommend having a few (2-6 perhaps) Ambassadors per parish. An ideal candidate regularly engages in parish life, currently supports CCSTL or feels called to do so, and has a desire to understand and speak about the work of CCSTL.

Thank you for your interest in the CCSTL Parish Ambassador Program. Please contact Lisa Shea at or 314.256.5927 if you’d like to learn more about becoming a Parish Ambassador.