Parish Ambassadors

As the direct line of communication between Catholic Charities and their respective parishes, Ambassadors give witness to their own passion for our mission and invite fellow parishioners to join them in answering Christ’s call to Love our Neighbors.

WHO are Catholic Charities Parish Ambassadors?

Individuals – or groups of individuals – who recognize the importance of engaging Catholics in the Catholic Charities mission and are willing to do so at their own parish.

WHAT is a Parish Ambassador’s role?

• EDUCATE others about the mission, services, and needs of Catholic Charities.

• ENGAGE others to take part in volunteer activities, in-kind donation drives, speaker events, or other opportunities to support Catholic Charities.

• ELEVATE awareness of, and interest in, our family of eight social service agencies.

HOW can I do this? 

1. Learn more about Catholic Charities and its agencies by reviewing provided materials, attending a half-day orientation, and, if possible, visiting our agencies.

2. Meet with our Parish Engagement Coordinator, your pastor, and other key parish staff to review the Parish Ambassador Program and secure their support. Meet with the school principal and the CRE/DRE to share opportunities for faculty and students.

3. Share Catholic Charities news in your parish bulletin, social media or other communications.

4. Invite parish ministries to consider Catholic Charities and our agencies when planning service projects, guest speaker invitations, or other charitable activities.  

5. Develop at least one annual opportunity for parishioners to support our mission, such as a volunteer day, or a in-kind donation drive. 

For more information, please contact the Parish Engagement Coordinator Kristie Leritz,
314-256-5958 or .