The mission of Marygrove is to provide quality mental health services to severely disturbed children, young adults, and their families who are economically disadvantaged.

For more than 165 years, Marygrove has been a place where children, youth, and families in need have found hope and healing.  Marygrove provides treatment and support to young people struggling with the often debilitating emotional and behavioral issues resulting from abuse, neglect and other trauma.  Through its comprehensive continuum of residential and community based programs, including therapeutic residential treatment and foster care, transitional and independent living, crisis care and special education, Marygrove transforms hundreds of lives each year.

Programs and Services

Therapeutic Residential Treatment consists of residential and intensive treatment “cottages” that provide a safe and stable living environment while youth receive help to manage emotional and behavioral issues.

Therapeutic Foster Care is an on-campus and community based foster program where children learn to trust and engage positively in a family setting.

Transitional Living Program consists of on-campus psychiatric group homes that provide a foundation of support as young adults pursue academic, occupational and other life skills that advance them toward healthy and productive adult lives.

Independent Living Program is a community based program where young people, including teen parents, learn important skills which move them toward self-sufficiency.

Crisis Services consists of a full range of shelter services that provides a safe and nurturing environment for youth experiencing homelessness or family crisis.

The Marygrove School is an on-campus, private special education school for children who require more therapeutic support during the day.

Contact Information
Courtney Noto
2705 Mullanphy Lane
Florissant, MO 63031

(314) 830-6201

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